Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bus From Malaysia to Thailand

We got a bus ticket to Bangkok from a small travel agency (at a local mall) - ALWAYS ALWAYS bargain! I think being Filipinos (we look a lot like locals), we do get great prices.

Bangkok was MOST amazing! First stop was THE backpack capital of southeast asia - Khao San Road. I LOVE the vibe of Khao San - the street is closed to vehicles and people from all over the world walk to and fro the street. Most if not everyone was interesting! I would sit by the curb and draw (as usual). This is also where you could find inexpensive backpack hostels and even more inexpensive (AND MOST DELICIOUS) street food!

Aside from Bangkok, we went to Chang Mai (where I rode an elephant, Inefficiently steered a bamboo raft), and the River Kwai. Thailand is also THE place where I made my first backpack friends (now facebook friends as well) who I will treasure FOREVER. Next stop: Laos! :-)


dapswaps said...

ser robert, pano mo maka-avail ng free book nyo? thank you po.

Louise said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful and exciting experience. My son recently embarked on a backpack style trek with several friends and I helped him book some hostels to stay at during their journey with an online website called Hostel Bookers. I am a little concerned about him going away without me there, but I guess all mothers worry about their kids.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bangkok also. Fell in love with the place the first time I went there because of work assignment/project. Been there 3x (not so obvious that I indeed love the place).

I still plan to go back. My mission is not yet complete because I haven't experience the elephant adventure (I really envy you on that).

It's really great if you meet locals and foreigners alike in places like Khao San. Hope to hear more of your backpacking adventures Ü

Take care, Kuya Robert ^_^ hope to meet you again and drool over your sketches... hihihi.