Monday, January 24, 2011

The One World One Heart 2011 Blog Event

Welcome to my blog! My name is Robert A. Alejandro - I like calling myself "the sketching backpacker", that's because I LOVE to draw and sketch and I especially like doing this during my travels.

I make sure that I keep a day or two (or more) for sketching when I travel. When I look at my drawings, I clearly remember when and how the drawing was made (usually sitting on some uncomfortable sidewalk)! I encourage EVERYONE to bring a small sketchbook and do a bit of art and sketching while they travel (you can also put all sorts of ephemera like tickets and pressed flowers)!

Now to the One World One Heart 2011 blog event! It really is VERY SIMPLE! First of all, this is open to ALL BLOGGERS WORLDWIDE (it's a super way to see blogs from ALL over the world)! All you have to do is LEAVE A COMMENT on this post! Please include in your post a way for me to contact you (an email address?) just in case you are chosen to win the PRIZE!

Which brings me to the prize I am giving away this year: My Book about my backpack trip in Southeast Asia! This is special because the book is already out of print and this is the first edition! The book is full of my drawings and so I hope the winner enjoys it!

The winner will be chosen by a random number genarator and this will be announced on February 17!

So what are you waiting for and leave a comment! :-)