Monday, November 2, 2009

A real short bus ride from China to Macau

Macau is small as China is gigantic. By mistake, we didn't get off at the right bus stop and by that, we were able to get around the whole of Macau. I had the impression that Macau is a place for gambling, gambling and more gambling (i don't gamble and so I wasn't so keen on visiting Macau). I was wrong - Macau is WONDERFUL with old Portuguese architecture, pocket gardens, museums and lots of culture! Macau is so much like Europe in Asia.

There are great architecture landmarks full of wonderful detail which is great for drawing. I recommend visiting the Macau museum and probably a casino just for experience.

Since Macau was a bit pricey, we would keep our eyes open, observe where the locals (construction workers) go to dine. We found a small hole in the wall "cafeteria" where locals went - it was inexpensive and the food was healthy and hearty - vegetables were SO fresh! I imagine there are a number of them around, so just look out for them - we don't have to eat at fast food joints all the time.

A stone's throw away: Hong Kong

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Sana said...

I love the Portugese architectural style esp the pink buildings of Macau =)