Sunday, February 14, 2010

A winner will be chosen and announced soon!

Thank you VERY much for visiting my blog (and leaving comments)! A winner will be announced VERY soon! Cheers! :-)


Nicely said...

Hope I win!

bridge said...

hi! i read your book The Sketching Backpacker through a friend. And Im glad you also have a blog to go with it. Im inspired to visit more countries bec of your book!

Steph said...

Did you have a winner and I missed it? Again, wonderful artwork.

Chinachix said...

hi robert. bloghopped to your site through jerome's site, swank.

interesting blog. love the sketches, intrigued by the 50K backpacking trip, and didn't realize you migrated (however briefly) to canada.

i interviewed you many, many years ago for the former manila chronicle. im sure it was papelmeroti-related feature :).