Monday, February 2, 2009

Plane from Manila to Singapore

My Backpack trip from Manila started with a plane ride to Singapore. We (5 of us) took the most inexpensive flight from the the net which started our adventure of scrimping and traveling without much money.

In Singapore, we stayed at "The Cozy Corner" Backpackers Hostel. I remember the taxi driver telling us about the hostel - "it's not so cozy"he said. Apparently not - but i LOVED it. Backpackers sleeping on mattresses out on the roof deck, shared bathrooms, a table where everyone shares breakfast. It was my first encounter with backpackers and I loved it and felt right at home!


Rampau said...

Tell us more of your trip. I'm interested on the food you ate since I'm a foodie.

BuLaBLOGera said...


how i wish i can sketch neatly and surely i will draw all my travel just like you.

your sketching talent sets you apart from other documentarists i know.

i'd love to see some more of your sketches in that book. :)

god bless!

the sketching backpacker said...

I couldn't really say much on the food in Singapore - We were on a VERY tight budget which meant a diet of noodles from 7-11.

Singapore is relatively expensive and so i could hardly afford real food. Still, it was A LOT of fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to follow your itinerary and budget and go on a SEA Backpack trip mid September. I'm already reading up on this and will buy your book for more info.