Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Laos to Cambodia - with a stopover at Bangkok, Thailand

Aside from Louang Phabang, we also visited the capital of Laos - Vientianne. From Laos we took a bus to Bangkok and then a bus ride (10 hours all in all) to Siem Reap. It was a bumpy and dusty bus ride. We all looked like we were caked with powder dust.

If you have the chance, YOU HAVE TO see and visit Siem Reap - THE temples of Angkor are NOT to be missed in this lifetime. This was my second visit to Angkor Wat and I'm very glad I had this chance. During the first trip (with my sister) I couldn't manage but just gawk and be dumbfounded by the history and majesty of it all. This trip I was able to draw and enjoy.

Siem Reap was full of bicycles and all sorts of scooters - this is where I drew one of my favorite images (see left). I drew this right outside the hostel we were staying in.

Of course I also had the chance to draw the temples - Bayon is just one of the many favorites. I love drawing "onsite" - almost ALWAYS someone (or a whole lot people) come over and watch me draw. When I was younger, I was uncomfortable with people watching but then I thought it was a good way of "sharing" my art and talents. Now I enjoy meeting people through my art. I remember while drawing the Ta Prohm temple (I was sitting among the uncomfortable rocks and ruins), a very young blonde boy sat with me very quietly. We were then joined by a lot of local children who I think live somewhere among the ruins. We all had a nice "quiet time" together.

On the bus, I also loved the local architecture of small provincial houses - their roofs were so nice with elaborate trimmings. I couldn't draw in the bus (too shaky a ride) so I had to take snapshots which I later used as a reference for the drawing. Next, off to Vietnam!


Anonymous said...

Kuya Robert, I'm eagerly awaiting your posts about the rest of your backpacking adventure. Hope you could post soon.... :-)


camille said...

What a lovely blog :) Ganda ng mga drawings.

The Snappy Sparrow said...

Sana ako din makapunta ng cambodia :)