Monday, November 2, 2009

Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by bus for 8 US$

Vietnam was a FANTASTIC surprise for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that a war torn communist country would be one of the world's best travel destinations!

First stop was Saigon, where we found a place to stay for 2 US$ a night. This is also where we got a "Ha Long Bay Tour" for a mere 28 US$ - a steal for an overnight stay at an authentic junk including meals and the tour!

We took an "open bus" ticket (paid 14 US$ depending on the number of stops) wherein you get to pick how many stops you'd like throughout your bus ride of the WHOLE of Vietnam (you can stay as long as you'd like at each stop)! We stopped at Nha Trang (a place where I'd like to live): a small city by a great big beach, Hoian: a vibrant and ancient town full of small roads and alleys with really nice shops, cafes and bargain shopping. We then stopped at Hanoi right at the north of Vietnam and where we took a bus ride entering China. The Open bus is a BRILLIANT idea I wish other countries have - it gives you ALL the flexibility for travel. I think it's the BEST travel deal.

In the whole South East Asia trip, we stayed the longest in Vietnam - because we travelled the whole of the country, it was inexpensive AND there was a whole lot of stuff to see and do. Heaven was drawing street scenes from a local cafe while nursing a cup of coffee.

Next stop: China!

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